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Onze pralines

Pralines are best stored in a cool, dry place with a temperature between 18 ° C-20 ° C (55 ° -70 ° F). Keeping your pralines in the fridge is not recommended as this will affect the taste and texture of the pralines. If you do store pralines in a refrigerator, it is recommended to wrap them in a plastic bag / foil. 

All our pralines contain nuts or traces of nuts. Our chocolates are not suitable for people with a nut allergy.

All pralines, except pralines with speculoos filling, are in principle gluten-free.

Our ingredients can always contain traces of gluten.

Dark chocolate contains less sugar than milk or white chocolate.

But chocolate is not recommended in a sugar-free diet.

All our chocolates contain milk except:

Hazelnut paste

Horseheads dark chocolate

Pralines dark chocolate with praline or liquid sugar filling

Orangets pure

Mendiants pure

Caraques pure

Tuiles pure

However our products can always contain traces of milk.

Our chocolates are made with pure, natural ingredients without preservatives or animal fat. We only use dairy and cocoa butter. Our chocolates are therefore suitable for vegetarians.

All our products based on dark chocolate and our hazelnut spread are vegan. An exception to this are our dark chocolate pralines with a ganache, caramel or whipped cream filling.

Our chocolates are made with pure, natural ingredients but they are not Kosher certified.

Our chocolates are made with pure, natural ingredients, but they are not Halal certified.

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